Jason Davis Owner

Some of my most memorable times as a child that sticks with me as an adult are of enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. I remember the getting out of bed before daylight and dressing heavy for the cold that was to come. The big breakfast, packing a lunchbox and putting snacks into my pockets in my hunting coat! I remember the great respect I had for a gun as a I would take it from the gun-case and the feeling of being like one of the guys. I desire to pass on to my three young boys the same opportunities that were afforded to me. As land is being developed and our community grows, I realize the importance of natural resource conservation and advocacy so that agriculture and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors can be passed on to future generations. I am proud to be a part of DB bar D Outfitters. We are committed to protecting, preserving, and promoting the outdoor experience.

Eric Sitton Owner

My desire is that we can serve you to provide an unforgettable experience. I am a native of Mills River and am truly blessed to be able to enjoy the majesty of this area every day. My family taught me about hunting and fishing at a very young age. I have literally been hooked ever since.

One of my many passions is education. There is nothing better than seeing the look on someone’s face when they learn something new. Especially when it was something challenging that they didn’t have the confidence to believe in themselves. We are able to provide education and experiences to youth and adults who have never been in the great outdoors. We love helping people escape from their busy worlds and see what life is really about. 

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story. We have made many friends from all over the world. Come with us and take a piece of the Mills River home with you. 

Danny Massie Upland Manager

I am a native of Western North Carolina. I attended A.C. Reynolds High School and Western Carolina University. I am a proud grandfather of nine grandchildren. I started bird hunting over twenty five years ago and just love it. I have been guiding bird hunts for about ten years. I have guided regularly at River Bend in South Carolina and Broad River Farms in Rutherford County. My dogs are English Pointers and an English Setter that are well trained and a joy to hunt over. I own Bee Ridge Quail Farm which raises about 1,400 Bobwhite Quail each year. The birds are flight conditioned so you will have the opportunity to hunt birds that fly as fast as a wild bird.

Harrison Davis Junior Guide

I am excited to be a founder of DB bar D Outfitters. My two younger brothers and I eat, sleep, and breathe farming, hunting, and fishing. We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful community that is rich with opportunity for growth, but still remaining true to its rural heritage. I am excited to grow up in this wonderful community and look forward to getting a great education and giving back the opportunities that have been given to me. I look forward to sharing my favorite hunting and fishing spots with you here at DB bar D.